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Ever wonder which cartoon character you are most like? Well, a team of researchers got together and analyzed the personalities of cartoon characters, and put the information gathered into this quiz.

To find out which cartoon character you are most like, answer the following questions with the answer that most describes you! We'll add up the points that correspond with your answers to reveal your cartoon match.

Complete the Following

(1) What describes your perfect date?
(2) Your favorite type of music?
(3) Your favorite type of movie?
(4) Of these choices, which job would you choose?
(5) Given an hour to waste, you would?
(6) Of the following, which color do you like best?
(7) Of the following, which would you eat right now?
(8) Your favorite holiday?
(9) Of the following places, where would you go?
(10) You would rather spend time with someone who: